Hernando Big Day/Birdathon
February 9, 2019

Hernando Audubon

Please join us to support a fun and unique event that helps to protect Florida's natural places, birds and wildlife - the Big Day Birdathon! A birdathon is a fundraising event like a walkathon or a telethon, but its focus is on birds.
On Saturday, February 9, a group of birders will awake before the dawn chorus. They will spend the day trekking around Hernando County, sighting common birds such as the robin and goldfinch, and maybe getting lucky enough to spot a Great Horned Owl or Peregrine Falcon. By the end of the day, they hope to have seen or heard more than 100 species of birds.
We hope you will make a pledge (click here to download the pledge form or click on the icon at left) to support the Big Day Birdathon. As a sponsor you are assured that 100% of your contribution will help Hernando Audubon provide assistance to projects such as:
- Area conservation and environmental
education programs
- Natural resource college scholarship funds
- Protection of wildlife habitat

There are several ways to participate: You can pledge a given amount per bird species that the Big Day group sees or hears, for example 5, 10 or 20 cents or perhaps even $1 per species. Or, you can contribute a fixed amount (for example, $25), regardless of the number of birds identified. You can even offer a bonus donation per unusual, rare, or endangered species noted. To become a sponsor, simply fill out and mail the form below. Sponsor contact information will be used only to acknowledge gifts. This information will not be shared or added to the Hernando Audubon mailing list.

Birdathon sponsors should make checks payable to Hernando Audubon Society. If your employer will match your contribution, please include a matching gift form.
When the Big Day group has completed the Birdathon, we'll update you on their success, send you a list of the birds that were seen and heard, and let you know the amount of your tax-deductible contribution. Please support this fun and worthwhile event that reminds us all of the value and beauty of Florida's diverse birds, other wildlife, and their homes.

If you need more information, please call Bev Hansen at 352-686-0460.
Thank you!
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The Tufted Titmouse says:
"Please help!
This is our most important
fundraiser of the year."

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